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It's all bananas.

WHOA. The two weeks prior to Valentine's Day were BANANAS. Things continue to be bananas and I am so grateful for it. While Zep is my top priority (that would be my son, who I often refer to as V, since he is the fifth Giuseppe), my passion for flowers and creating allows me so much space to feel all of the things I need in order to be right with myself. Having said that, I am SO behind on this new project I began when things seemed like they were going to be slow forever... I finally started a YouTube channel and this blog. I will continue to post as consistently as I can but life happens and I'm just rolling with it. Stress-free. I'm doing what I can, but I'm also taking time for myself and my family.I realize I promised a new video to be posted this week and I'm not entirely sure that is going to happen now. HA! I may have to squeeze some time in while V naps, over the weekend. I started filming last week but I didn't complete it and I felt it would be odd to mesh the two separate videos together to create one finished product cause y'know... flowers die and the second video would have been a different mix.

ANYWAY (a cretin way to say, "I digress" lol) -- I am really honored to have a platform where I can teach others some of the ropes I've learned along the way. The messages I've been getting and the requests for videos have been accepted with such gratitude. Like, I didn't realize this many people would care or want to learn from me. It makes me happy that what I do can spread joy in another way... aside from receiving florals or having an event. A friend asked me if I was concerned about revealing my style and all that encompasses it, basically. I used to be, but I just don't care now. I do have my style, but everyone else will build on that in their own way, just like I have. While I am self-taught, I have learned a lot of things along the way... from employees, florist friends, even YOUTUBE. I remember I learned to do my first arch via YouTube video. lol. ANNNNND, full circle!

Now I'm here. I'm seasoned. I know F*ck about sh*t and I want others to get down, too. Plus, it's fun for me... and ultimately that is all that matters. I'm not trying to make a million bucks from a gazillion views. I'm just doing my thing & it feels right.

I just wanted to touch base with you all... and I'll be bringing some fun things to the table when I can. I appreciate you following along.

Oh! I also went to the zoo yesterday with my husband and son. I checked out for the day, since my schedule is jam-packed until 3/8 and I won't have too many opportunities to do so. The break was SO necessary (already- lol!) and just wonderful. My guys. Sigh. They make my heart whole. I said in a previous post that I wasn't going to mention my husband much out of respect for his privacy, so I'll just add these pictures of our son and myself right in here... lol.

Talk to you all soon!

Be well out there. XX.

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