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Fill ‘em up!

So, it’s been a hottttttt minute since I’ve posted…. Turns out, this is just the way I operate when it comes to technology. If I have to engage with it, I usually find every reason not to. It’s always been a struggle… emails, responding to texts,… basically everything except for Instagram. My excuse is that the ‘gram used to just be for my business, but now I post a lot about myself and my life, and I find that engaging with everyone on a more personal level is super satisfying since COVID struck & I wasn’t able to be as social IRL. Texts are something I respond to most frequently, outside of Instagram. Part of me has this old-school belief that if it’s sent via text it’s prooooobably not that important. Sooo, I am pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Maybe tooooooo relaxed (seeing as I don’t want to make loved ones feel like they’re not important!). In any case, it looks like I need to learn more self-discipline in this area. Doing something that you don’t enjoy is good for your personal growth & I’m trying to evolve, people! I will say, COVID disrupted a lot of the positive routines I had in place & I had an anything goes attitude. I started using easy mornings for reading novels instead of responding to emails and during the day, I went swimming with my son, played with paint and chalk and danced the day away with my nugget. Work began to pick up again a year later and DAMN, I wasn’t ready for it only because I lost a lot of the hustle and realized that I enjoyed the slow life, especially after living such a hectic, fast-paced, business-owner life for the prior 7 years. Anyway…

Who did I think I was when I said I was going to blog & have a youtube channel?! I’m INSANE. I mean, it’s not going to be easy but challenge accepted. I think that IF I choose to challenge myself to stick to a posting schedule and a filming schedule (like I used to schedule, pre-RONA), I will accomplish these things I said I was going to, naturally. Lists & schedules are my best friends & it’s easy once I know what I’m going to do. Without them, everything will burn down in my life! Watch me grow, and keep your fingers crossed. The more I can stick to my plan, the more tutorials you all will get. Lol!

FINALLY (YOU’RE LIKE, HURRY UP, LADY!!)— you’re here because you want to know about my lip filler, I’m guessing. So, I’ll get to it. (Thanks, ADHD!)

First things first, I’ve been getting Botox, Dysport & Xeomin for a couple years. I’m 33 now and my forehead wrinkles only happened when I scrunched my face up and were never that bad… I still didn’t want the constant expression-wrinkling to create a permanent residence there, so I began. I’ll post about the first time getting botox another time (here I go again, making empty promises! JK, I wrote it down and added it to my list! Things are off to a great start. Lol. Then, I casually creeped on to temple filler which restores volume lost due to aging (and takes YEARS off your face). This area of your face is often overlooked but I think it’s important to add to your beauty regimen to create a solid restoration if you’re noticing signs of aging. I swear I went from a 32 year old, to a 27 year old in a matter of minutes. It’s incredible. And perfectly plumping. (I guess I’ll do a post on this, too!)

I say all of this because, lips are the most sensitive area of your face next to your undereyes & I wouldn’t recommend starting with them unless you have serious balls (or your injecting practitioner has dental anesthesia—- mine did! YAY!). Whenever you do decide to move on to lip filler, here is what I recommend:

  1. Trust the process! I repeat- TRUST ITTTT!

You’re probably not going to leave the facility looking like a mega-babe. I’m sorry, but keep your eye on the prize! Immediately after I got mine, I saw the volume plump up instantly and was so excited. Then the swelling kicks in and then some light bruising. If you’ve ever heard anyone say that getting lip-filler makes you look like you got punched in the mouth… listen to that person. They’re right. For me, atleast. My lips were ultra red and rosy… and quite swollen. I also have mildly sensitive skin so that could play a role in my reaction. Regardless of your skin-type… enter your appointment with this mentality: Just go with it.

Here’s a picture of my lips right afterwards. Maybe I’m my own worst critic, but this time I was SO grateful for face masks. LOL.

2. I would recommend looking at your lips after the first few pricks if you can. Irina at Elle Eve Med Spa (my go-to in Woodland Hills, CA, adjacent to Hidden Hills & Calabsas) is incredibly patient, professional and informative. She showed me my pout after she completed one side so I could see the difference. Immediately after the pricks, I’d say you get a good idea of the final product because the inflammatory process hasn’t taken over and you can get a glimpse of where you’re going. After about a week, my lips began to look like the new normal and the size reflected in that first glimpse. Careful not to wait too long though,… because the swelling kicks in entirely by the time the appointment ends (it did for me atleast!). In retrospect, this was a great indicator of what my lips would look like.

3. At the end of my appointment my lips were lathered up with ointment. I also purchased this balm from SkinCeuticals at the med spa. Keep your lips moisturized and clean during the healing process.

4. You’ll probably want more, believe it or not.

On day 4 after my appointment, my lips had gone down to a perfect size. But wait,.. they went down even more after day 5. I am very happy with the final result but for me, I think a tiny bit more will do. I saw what I looked like with clown lips, then a super sexy, puffy pout, then a perfectly plump kiss. I’m all for the super sexy, puffy pout. lol. I don’t know about you, but I’m tall and thin and the lips really made me feel more feminine. I felt like a million bucks. I still do, I might add… but I was able to see what would work for me in terms of size during the healing process. Clown lips are not for me… but I could use an extra syringe. ;)

What was used on my lips? Restylane Kysse, 1 syringe.

Where did I get them done? Elle Eve Med Spa in Woodland Hills, CA

How long did it take for them to completely heal? I’d say 1 week. Bruising completely went away after 7 days.

Would you do it again? Hells yes.

Filler is not for everyone, but just like I use filler in flowers to highlight focal points, I have used filler in my face to accent what I already have. It’s important to also have realistic expectations when you enter any filler appointment. Everything is a process so just be patient and keep your eye on the prize!

Picture of me before lip filler:

Picture of me 4 days after getting lip filler:

Yeah, I know. They're chapped AF. And healing. But look at the size! I thought this was perfect for me, hence me wanting more. ;)

Picture of me 2 weeks after getting lip filler:

So, as you can see, the difference is subtle. At first it doesn't seem like it will be that way at all. My lips are slightly bigger, have a more defined shape and are more even. My upper lip was a little uneven from playing the French horn for 6 years. I love them!

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