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COVID | "Trying to survive in a world of excess"

Let me begin by saying yes! There will be a flower tutorial posted this week. It's been busy and editing is crazy. I have a Youtube vid & a blog post coming YERRRRR WAY!

Now to the post. Ahem,

I’m so sick of hearing about COVID, and to some degree that’s a privilege. While I closed my shop in March I continue to work from home & my husband (who I won’t really talk much about in this blog, out of respect for his privacy) has continued to work as we have an essential business. I am incredibly grateful for this. As someone who grew up very poor, I count my blessings daily and remember how lucky my family and I are. I am a hard worker, and so is my husband. We both try to improve and accomplish goals regularly. I say we are privileged because we are still working and still in a place where we can actively reach goals and grow (knock on wood). I can’t help but think about everyone who is suffering right now, who cannot find work or who cannot work due to restrictions and other variables.

Over this past month, I’ve become acutely aware of the level of indulgent posts on social media and I wonder how that affects people on a deeper level when it’s on their feed. It's always been a mild concern of mind, but now, I think about it differently. I also try to understand what the poster feels when they choose content to share. Like, What’s the goal? What’s going through THEIR minds? (I used to study Anthropology… can you tell? Lol! DERPPPP) I am not saying there is anything wrong with accomplishing and obtaining material possessions, but right now is the time to maybe be a little more mindful. Maybe it’s time to mute those who aren’t serving us. Even if just temporarily. We cannot change the actions of others, but we can adjust our reactions- right? So maybe get rid of that reaction… jusssst a little bit, just for now. ;) While I am in LA, sure, there are plennnnnnty of people who live on other planets with vast fortunes who just don’t visit Earth regularly. That’s okay. I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about anyone (this is relative to you, reader) who makes you question yourself… your place in this world, your level of accomplishments and so on. You know who these people are. MUTE THEM. I encourage you. Until you’re ready to peer into that psuedo-reality again… take care of your soul and look out for YOU. Again, as someone who grew up impoverished , I think about those less fortunate. ALSO, CAN WE STOP USING THAT TERM? Less fortunate doesn’t begin to describe the level of physical, mental and emotional suffering caused by poverty. They are not less fortunate, they are trying to survive in a world of excess. That hits a little differently, doesn’t it? I just know what it’s like… and I worry about all of the parents trying to make enough money for FOOD, and for SHELTER. You know, essential things that every human being should have, especially in a world filled with so much to waste. I worry about the impact this has on the mental health of the children and the parents. Or those who don’t fit into either of those categories. I worry about babies not being fed and unable to sleep due to hunger pangs. I worry about the future and how it will look for those suffering. I worry about they impact of neglect. I worry about those becoming homeless because they ran out of options. I worry about people. Hell, I even worry about the people who are privileged who are in a dark mental place. It’s the toughest time for many of us, so now more than ever, it’s important to look out for YOU. Do what is healthy for you & ask yourself these questions before you partake in any activity (including social media browsing... as addicting as it may be):

  1. Does this serve me? Does this enrich my reality? If it doesn’t. Lie it down.

  2. How does this make me feel? If you realize that you have potential to feel like sh*t after the activity… LIE IT DOWN.

  3. Is this encouraging my positivity? No? LIE IT THE F DOWN! Lol!

I have been guilty of this. I’ve shared new purchases randomly because I was excited and because I earned them. But now… earning has a whole new meaning and it’s not accessible to everyone. Even if someone wanted to work hard and accomplish goals, if they don’t have access to do so…it’s discouraging and probably makes them feel stuck, anxious and depressed. I mean, how would you feel? Perhaps you are in this place… and for that, I am sorry. I truly wish that I could wave a magic wand and fix the disproportionate accessibility in our country, but I can’t. I will be more mindful during this time and see that I am thinking of others and how this could negatively impact someone when I do post. I do not want to aid in suffering… even if that means omission. Even if that means I don’t get to feel good about myself by flashing my accomplishments around. That’s a type of insecurity anyway and I’m not trying to feed my bad wolf. Gotta starve that ho.

If you have any suggestions about how readers and myself can give back during this time, please DM me on @midsummermother - drop me an email at heymama@midsummermother.com - or tag me in stories with suggestions. I'd be happy to broadcast them, because this is important.

I promise (again) I’ll post my next Youtube tutorial this week, and a blog tutorial (editing is bananas… and I’m still getting the hang of it!) I’ll also be sharing reader stories about overcoming mental hardships (again… editing is bananas... HELLO, ADHD). If you or someone you know has a story they’d like to share (even if anonymously) to help encourage others… please DM or EMAIL me.

Be well & take care of yourself.

I mean it.,


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