Work for Cause

At midsummer mother, we are dedicated to donating a portion of all sales toward mental health efforts. our gift boxes & products are inspired to nurture souls and bring a sense of security to individuals. 


While we are brand new, our current goal is to support established organizations such as however, we are always open to suggestions about where to donate and would love to hear from you. if you are passionate about a mental health organization please email us at heymama@midsummer

10% of all sales go toward mental health efforts. 

If you have a positive story about overcoming a mental health crisis and would like to share, even anonymously, please email us as well. 

experiencing a mental health crisis? 

If you are in immediate danger to yourself or someone else, call 911.

If you need to speak with someone now, please call

the national suicide prevention line at 1-800-273-8255

you can also text "nami" to 741741