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Frequently asked questions

Do you do weddings? 


 YES! We do more intimate weddings with a guest count of 80 or less. After you've contacted us and we've sent a quote, we will place a soft hold on the date for 7 days while you decide who to book with. After that, we open the date back up to other potential clients.

Do you have a minimum for delivery?

Our minimum for flowers being delivered is $150. We use courier services to deliver all blooms, therefore we charge between $15-$40 depending on the location of the delivery. You're welcome to include this fee in your $150 order, i.e. $130 arrangement + $20 delivery fee = $150.00. All orders will be confirmed with a photo of your arrangement upon delivery. 

How do you come up with your price-points? 

Working with florals, pricing varies quite a bit depending on what the client requests. By default, we use about 50% in season florals and 50% imports in order to create a consistent size based on price points. We also gravitate toward incorporating some preserved florals which are on the pricier side due to cost of preservation. Preserved florals are dried florals that have been treated to maintain fresh-looking structure and often undergo dyeing or bleaching techniques which are reflected in their higher price. 


Standard pricing for Midsummer Mother floral arrangements are as follows when we are able to choose the floral selection based on your requested color palette, floral preferences and dislikes, and moodboard or deck (if applicable). Keep in mind that pricing will increase if additional imports or premium florals are requested (Orchids, Garden Roses, etc.), or if the client requests orders that are entirely floral specific (all pink arrangement with only garden rose varieties, pink sweet peas, pink ranunculus and no filler in a large vase, for example).  For events, Cocktail sizes are $40, Smalls are $75, Mediums are $130, Larges are $160 and Extra Large and Specialty pieces are $200 +. All other floral decor items are priced separately, according to the inventory you need for your event, for example, an arch or floral installation.

How far in advance do I need to book my event? 

Generally, if we have the date available and a few days to work with, we can book an event with a minimum of 3 days notice. Please keep in mind that booking so close to a date has its limitations (floral availability, vessel availability, etc.) With any event, if you're able, it is ideal to book at least 1 month in advance. If we no longer have a date available, we cannot make room for an additional event as we black out dates in order to provide our full attention to the already booked event. 

How do I place an order for bulk-gifting? 

If you would like to place an order for bulk gifting, please email Dawn at, while this portion of our site is still under construction. We will soon have a page where you can make your gifting selections, along with floral arrangements. 

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